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Effective for the Fall 2019 - Summer 2020 academic year, total tuition and fees at Wallace State are $160.00 per credit hour. 

A full-time student enrolled in 12 credit hours will pay $1,920.00 each semester. 

Full-time students are those enrolled in 12 or more hours and part-time students are those enrolling in any number of hours less than 12. 

Students who are NOT residents of Alabama pay two times the stated rate of tuition. Fees are the same. All tuition and fees are to be paid at the Cashier's Office upon registration. If tuition and fees are not paid on the due date, the class schedule will be deleted. 
Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice as directed by the College, the State Department of Postsecondary Education or the Alabama State Board of Education. An annual adjustment of $2 per credit hour will be added each year thereafter. 

Bond Surety Fee

In 2004, the Alabama State Board of Education mandated that a $1/credit hour Bond Surety Fee be collected at all two-year colleges across the state. The purpose of the fee is to establish a self-insured reserve fund at the Department of Postsecondary Education. The reserve is intended to assist member institutions of the Alabama College System in obtaining insurance coverage for long-term financing of construction and renovation projects. 

Facility Renewal Fee
A facility renewal fee of $9 per credit hour per term is charged to provide funds for the improvement of facilities.

Special  Building Fee
A fee of $10 per credit hour per term is charged to help defray the cost of financing new construction.

Technology Fee
A fee of $9 per credit hour per term is charged for acquisition and maintenance of technology and technological applications for students.

Additional fees may be administered in certain programs.  

Please check out the tuition and fees table at

For more information you can contact financial aid at 256.352.8182.

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