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Types of Financial Aid

Educational costs vary by program and can be supported or alleviated through a variety of sources, including private funds and loans, government loans and grants, scholarships, bursaries, on and off-campus employment opportunities and external awards. Each student is encouraged to maximize as many of these options as possible to reduce their overall academic costs.

The philosophy of the Wallace State Financial Aid Department is that no student be denied access to postsecondary education due to financial barriers. To supplement the efforts of students and their parents to meet educational cost, the Financial Aid Office strives to help each student work out a "package" financial plan consisting of Federal Pell Grant, Direct Loans, Parent Plus Loans, College WorkStudy, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and State Grant funds, together with other sources of help are available to students who qualify. Wallace State provide this through various federal, state and private sources.

Students receiving financial aid are required to maintain satisfactory progress toward their degrees while receiving financial aid and adhere to any governmental regulations. The Financial Office determines the amount of your eligibility based on federal law, information you provide, the cost of attendance, and other financial aid you may receive. 

For more information, contact the Wallace State Financial Aid Office at 256.352.8182, 256.352.8159, 256.352.8092 or 256.352.8431. 

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