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Dropping a Class

Deadlines for dropping/withdrawing from a class can be found on the first page of the current schedule found here

Students who choose not to complete an individual course have the following options to withdraw:

  • Wallace State's drop/add period begins the first day of each semester and concludes two days later. Students can drop or add a course in that time frame without enacting any withdrawal policies. 
  • To withdraw from a class before the deadline you will need to log into myWallaceSate, then click on the student tab, next you will need to click on register online and then register/add/drop classes. Once you are there you will need to click on the current term and submit. Then you will click the drop down box on the course you wish to withdraw from and click on web withdraw option and then click submit.
  • After the drop/add period, the following withdrawal policy is in effect:
1.) Withdrawing from a course: A student may withdraw from a course in person as listed with a particular date in the class schedule by obtaining the appropriate from Lion Central. After the form is returned to Lion Central, a grade of "W" will be posted for the relevant course.
Note: Withdrawals will not be processed if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the College. Withdrawals are not allowed online after the drop/add period. However, withdrawals may be processed in Lion Central until the published deadline each semester.
3.) Withdrawing from the college:  A student may withdraw from the institution up to the deadline published in the schedule and calendar. A grade of "W" shall be assigned to all courses for students who officially withdraw. A grade of "W" may not be assigned after the published date unless approval of an administrative withdrawal is granted through the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management. 

A grade of "W" will not be used in computing the student's semester GPA. 


ALWAYS check with an advisor prior to withdrawing from a class to ensure that your account will not be affected. Advisors can be reached at 256.352.8040.

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