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Dropping a Class

Students who choose not to complete an individual course have the following options to withdraw:

  • Wallace State's drop/add period begins the first day of each semester and concludes two days later. Students can drop or add a course in that time frame without enacting any withdrawal policies. 
  • After the drop/add period, the following withdrawal policy is in effect:
  1. Withdrawing from a course: A student may withdraw from a course in person as listed with a particular date in the class schedule by obtaining the appropriate from Lion Central. After the form is returned to Lion Central, a grade of "W" will be posted for the relevant course. Note: Withdrawals will not be processed if the student has an outstanding financial obligation to the College. Withdrawals are not allowed online after the drop/add period. However, withdrawals may be processed in Lion Central until the published deadline each semester.
  2. Withdrawing from the college:  A student may withdraw from the institution up to the deadline published in the schedule and calendar. A grade of "W" shall be assigned to all courses for students who officially withdraw. A grade of "W" may not be assigned after the published date unless approval of an administrative withdrawal is granted through the Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management. 

A grade of "W" will not be used in computing the student's semester GPA. 

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