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Registration Period

Registration periods vary each semester. Wallace State students can expect registration to be held a couple of months before a new semester is scheduled to begin.  

In recent years, Wallace State has adopted an online priority registration system, which means students with previously earned credit hours have the first opportunities to register for upcoming classes. For instance, during registration periods, Wallace State students with 45+ previously earned credit hours at the college have the first opportunity to register for courses the following semester. Students with 30+ previously earned credit hours are next and followed by those with 15+ previously earned hours. Students in each category have a two-day window to exclusively register before the next wave is allowed. Online registration is open to all students a week after the priority system begins.

Registration continues each semester through the first day of classes. A late registration period is also available a week into classes beginning.   

Priority registration begins on Monday, November 13 for the Spring 2018 semester. 


You can find registration dates on our "Upcoming Events" calendar at

You can register online here:

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