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Wireless Connectivity on Campus

Wallace State Community College provides high-speed access to the Internet, email and network services through a Switched Ethernet Network interconnected by a fiber optic backbone. The network is provided for use by WSCC students, faculty and staff and is to be used for education, academic inquiry, and public service only. 

The college's network/Internet provides students with a quality learning environment by promoting a flexible delivery method of instruction, innovative technology and state-of-the-art concepts in instruction. It also contributes to a growth-oriented learning environment for employees by promoting faculty and staff professional development opportunities. Through efficient management of the college's network/Internet resources and facilities, WSCC serves as a learning partner for its community and regional stakeholders. In addition, the college's administrative and operational processes, thereby strengthening its outreach, programs, and services. 

All users must be accountable for using these resources in an effective, ethical, and lawful manner. At any time and without prior notice, Wallace State reserves the right to examine email, personal file directories, or any other information stored on WSCC computers or equipment. This action will only be allowed with the express approval of the college president or presidential designee, and/or at the request of authorized law enforcement personnel. 

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