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Admission Requirements

Wallace State Community College maintains an "open door" admissions policy that provides higher education for individuals who meet minimum admission requirements as set forth by the policies of the Alabama College System. 

Admission to the college does not guarantee entrance into a particular course or program. Some programs have specific admission requirements.

Individuals are eligible for admission to courses creditable toward an associate degree or certificate at Wallace State Community College if they meet the following criteria and present acceptable photo identification, official transcripts, and complete a residency form.

High School Graduates

1. A student who holds an Alabama High School Diploma, the high school diploma of another state equivalent to the Alabama High School Diploma, or an equivalent diploma issued by a non-public regionally accredited high school; Policies related to non-public non-accredited high school diplomas are currently subject to revision by the Alabama State Board of Education.

2. A student who holds a GED Certificate issued by the appropriate education agency.

3. A student who holds a Certificate of Attendance is eligible for admission to a course not credible toward an associate degree. 

Transfer Students

1. A student who has previously attended another regionally or Council on Occupational Education accredited postsecondary institution will be considered a transfer student. 

2. Transfer students on academic or disciplinary suspension from another college or university must submit a written request to the College Admissions Committee for admission. 

3. A student who has completed the baccalaureate degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution will be required to submit only the transcripts from the institution conferring the highest degree.

4. Transfer students with less than a baccalaureate degree must submit transcripts from all colleges attended and either high school transcripts with graduation date or proof of completion of GED. 

Transient Students

1. A transfer student who attended another postsecondary institution and who seeks credit for transfer to that parent institution may be admitted to the College as a transient student.

2. The student must submit an application for admission, residency form, and an official letter from the institution that certifies that the credit earned at the college will be accepted as part of the student's academic program. 

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